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Hallo und herzlich Willkommen auf meiner Seite! Ich bin 24 Jahre jung, ein künstlerisch-kreativer Mensch und vielseitig interessiert. Mein Abitur und den Grafikdesigner habe ich erfolgreich absolviert, 2 Jahre davon in Schweden. Shakespeares Literatur begeistert mich ebenso wie die Bilder meines Lieblingsmalers Caspar David Friedrich. Ich reise gerne, am liebsten in die mediterrane Gegend (Italien/Spanien) die warmen Farben und lebensfrohen Menschen reißen einen einfach mit ;) Insgesamt kann ich durch die Reiseinteressen auch mehrere Sprachen. Auch liebe ich das Meer in seiner Vielfältigkeit und das beruhigende Rauschen der Wellen. Sonnenanbeter und Sternenhimmelschmachter bin ich selbstverständlich auch. Künstlerisch kreativ bin ich in vielerlei Hinsicht, von Fotografie über Grafikdesign zu Acrylmalerei, Seidenmalerei zu individuellen Folien für elektronische Geräte..wenn man sich auf so vielen verschiedenen Wegen entfalten kann, ist es unmöglich, sich für nur einen einzigen zu entscheiden ;) …und genau das ist doch das magische: diese Vielfältigkeit…! Interview and online Fashion Magazine

I´ve been nominated as one of the best designers in 2021 with!

Thanks to Ali Oremus for the great interview and big thanks to Joshua Lester (ThereAfterFilms) for filming and cutting!

Thank you so very much SheinX for this awesome project!

Watch the interview with me here:

Shein X ft. Tina Benally Art – interview

Take a look on my own „Benally Art“ Fashion Magazine!
Read it for free from any device and enjoy my way of fashion combined with art:

„Tina Benally Art“ Fashion Magazine

Premiere! Novel reading of my first own novel “(Un)Endlichkeit” is online now!

I proudly present my first own novel which is called “(Un)Endlichkeit”!

The first book is done, the second is almost finished and the third and last part is already planned!

Do you know that writing has been one of my first creative beings in my life…?

A novel reading is available on German right now!

Click on the link and enjoy reading: no matter if you´re using a mobile phone, a tablet or a pc:

online novel reading „(Un)Endlichkeit“

Hopefully the full first part of the book will be available for everyone this year!

An audio book version will be follow soon!

Stay tuned and until that: enjoy reading!


Tina Benally

„Art is real“ collection by tina benally art presented by SHEIN X !!!

Tina Benally presents her „Art is Real“-Collection exclusively from!

Search „Benally“ on and get your special clothing now!

Be part of Tina Benally´s worlds of art and get the feeling of being a directly part of her art while wearing this limited fashion – Art is Real…!

Worldwide shipping!

Take a photo o you while wearing „Benally Art“ clothing and tag @tinabenallyart to get the chance to be shared on Tina Benally´s official instagram account

Artist Tina Benally presents her fashion collection by and Tina Benally Art in her own Gallery
Click here to get yours now!

Art is Real…!®

“Art is Real“® is Tina Benally´s official registered trademark.

Additional to the short film of the same name, where she´s jumping directly into her paintings and invite the viewer to be part of a travel through her artworks.
She also designed the printed version of „Art is Real“ as a limited edition which contains the composition with the artist Tina Benally into one of her handpainted paintings.
On march 26th is the official “Art is Real“ holiday-day!
She also designed an own fashion label, contains wearable art.

  • Shortfilm

The work on the video took 3 years to complete, from creation of the idea. the writing of the script, the production of all the requisites and paintings, the procurement of all outfits, to the shooting and final editing.


The clothes worn by Tina Benally were kindly sponsored by her favourite designer fashion label „Nadir Positano“ for the video shoot.
Thank you very much!

Special guest: Märlin®
Cartoon character created by Tina Benally!

  • Holiday-day

The short film was finally released on March 26th 2019.
For this date the artist Tina Benally created a new holiday-day, which will be celebrated by many creative people all over the world year after year.

  • Limited Art Prints

This “Art is Real“ collection is the print version of the short film “Art is Real“.


Every artwork of this collection is a composition with the artist Tina Benally inside one of her handpainted paintings.

She wanted to capture the feeling being a directly and real part of art

– Art is Real!

  • Benally Art Fashion

Tina Benally also designed a designer fashion label under the topic “Art is Real“®, which contains wearable art from her Benally Art artworks and designs.

Tina Benally offers you to be surrounded by art and be part of it yourself.

Make a mark.

Always and everywhere.

Different clothings, accessoires, shoes and much more are available.

From classic to modern designs – everything is possible!

Be part of it!


Art is Real!

Timeless Originals


The series "Timeless Originals" illustrates the topic "time" in a list of classic and modern.

The result: timelessness creates originals - no matter when!

The artist Tina Benally puts herself in the picture, drawing attention to the fact that both classic and modern can be equally beautiful and impressive if both are characterized by the character of timeless originals.


In 2019, the work had already taken part in an art competition on the subject of "time", received one of the top placements and was therefore published in the magazine.


Available as limited art print.

Art Magazine Bremen, Art Fair Paris, Benally Art Gallery, Exhibition in New York 2020!!!

My dear artfriends,

great news – I´ll be inside in the new artistwindow magazine Bremen no. 55 available on airports and train stations in november 2019!
The magazine shows the winner of a competition under the topic „time“.
My work: „Timeless Originals“ Pt.1 & „One day at the seaside“ Pt. 1.2.

ArtistWindow Magazine

Right now I´m working on my own „Benally Art“ Gallery. Get the first look behind the scenes!
It will have 2 rooms – a romantic and a modern one.
-please note: visitors are only accepted with advance reservation!

I’ve got an invitation from the Art Fair Paris in the end of January 2020!

I’m so looking forward to be part of this beautiful event!

And last but not least I have wonderful news: yes, I´ve got an invitation from a Gallery in the center of New York City – in beautiful and creative Chelsea!!!
I´m feeling so very honored and I´m looking forward to bring my art over the ocean to the USA!
The next year will be a masterpiece!!!
Stay tuned!

Video premiere „Art is real“!!!

„Art is Real“!

🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉SHORTFILM PREMIERE “Art is Real”!!!🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉
My dear Artfriends,
my shortfilm “Art is Real” is out now!!!
It tooks 3 years of hard work to get this result – but I’ll promise, that you will love it!♥️

I’ve chosen the 26th March as date because today is the “create-your-own-holiday-day” and that’s the perfect state to set up a new official holiday day with the name “Art is Real” where alle creative people all over the world can celebrate the love to art year for year – so don’t forget to mark it on your calendar!
Have fun while watching and a lots of love from my worlds of art…!

Tina Benally

Watch the full video here:

„Art is real!“

************************* N E W S ! *****************************


**** B E N A L L Y  A R T  D E S I G N E R   F A S H I O N  L A B E L ****
************************ !!! O U T  S O O N !!!************************

My dear art – friends,

I´m very proud and excited to present you the first pieces from my upcoming „Benally Art“ Designer Fashion Label! Having art on clothes, shoes, silskscarfes, wallets, bags and many more is absolutely the best thing you can ever have!!! Every piece will be limited to 150 pieces only – time to feel special!


********** O V E R  8.600 I N S T A G R A M  F O L L O W E R ! **********


Bildschirmfoto 2018-09-20 um 15.33.37

Thank you so very much for your lovely feedback from whole over the world every day – I´m so proud to be with you!!!
You are awesome!!!
Do we reach 10.000 inside of only 12 month…? I guess we will!
Thank you for being part of my worlds of art!


********* “ A R T   I S   R E A L “  V I D E O  U P D A T E ***********


2018-09-20 15.22.18benallyartcaed2





First Screenshots from my „Art is real“ Video – I promise you will love the way how real art can be! Upcoming soon! Stay tuned!







**************** B E H I N D  T H E  S C E N E S ****************

The rose, the prince and me!

_5D43061Rose_5D43048prince: art-
friend Adrian



Want to be a part of my worlds of art? Follow me!

My dear art-friends,

I just want to say thank you for your amazing feedback I´m getting every day – I´m so happy that you love me and my art!img_4328

Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for being updated:
Facebook: Tina Benally Art
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If you want so see me while answering 3 of your most asked questions, watch my youtube video here: About Tina Benally

I´m looking forward to all following steps together with you! Follow me, write me, leave feedback – hope to see you soon in my worlds of art!

A lots of love


Tina Benally

…my own art-video – part 1 – behind the scenes…!


My dear art-friends,

Yes, I have finally finished shooting the first part of my own art video! It took a lot of time to show you how I paint and I will create the rest of the video together with a professional film-editor. It will be amazing! Stay tuned 🙂

A lots of love from my worlds of art!

Tina Benally


Meine lieben Kunstfreunde,

momentan ist es etwas stiller um mich herum geworden, was jedoch nicht heißt, dass ich nicht trotzdem die ganze Zeit fleissig am Arbeiten bin 😉
Der Plan, ein eigenes Video zu drehen, um die Kunst für euch ein wenig lebendiger zu machen, stand schon seit Anfang des Jahres und endlich ist jetzt auch schon mal der erste Teil abgedreht, wo ihr sehen könnt, wie ich das Bild „Despacito“ male.
Mein Regieplan wird in den kommenden Wochen mit einem professionellen Filmeditor besprochen und mit viel Kreativität angegangen – es wird ein sehr aufwändiges und anspruchsvolles Projekt werden, was einige Zeit in Anspruch nehmen wird, aber das Ergebnis wird grandios werden, davon bin ich überzeugt…!!!

Bisher kann ich schon Wanja danken, der Part 1 gefilmt hat und Dank seines erfolgreichen Youtube-Channels auch die bestmögliche Erfahrung dazu mitbringt, meiner Katze Samira, die fleissig für mnadirbluedress1ich mitgeschlafen hat und das größte Dankeschön bisher geht an mein Lieblingslabel Nadir Positano, das mir mehrere Outfits für den Videodreh gesponsort hat und somit den Kreis meines romantischen Künstlerbildes perfekt schließt…! <3 Vielen Dank!!! <3



IMG_7009Samira´s Versteck-Spiel: Wo bin ich? 😉


Übrigens: 5% von dem Erlös eines jeden Gemäldes werden gespendet! Ich spende für 2 verschiedene Organisationen, der Kunstliebhaber kann sich somit nach Erwerb eines Bildes, für eine der beiden Wohltätigkeiten entscheiden:

1. Tatanka-Oyate-Verein-zur-Unterstützung-indigener-Völker.e.V.

Tatanka Oyate Verein – Dirk Rohrbach

Unterstützung von Kultur, Sprache und Traditionen der Lakota, z.B. in Form von Schulbüchern

Ich habe schon vor vielen Jahren dafür Spenden gesammelt und Menschen darauf aufmerksam gemacht – daher freue ich mich, den Verein in Absprache mit Dirk Rohrbach mit meiner Kunst unterstützen zu dürfen!

2. DKMS – Blutkrebs – Helfen Leben zu retten!


Es gibt kein zu jung um schwer krank und aus dem Leben herausgerissen zu werden, aber jeder einzelne von uns ist ein Hoffnungsschimmer, der möglicherweise sogar Lebensretter werden kann…!
Die schweren Schicksalsschläge lassen wohl niemanden unberührt und ich schätze mich glücklich, mit 5% meines Gemäldeerlöses das beeindruckende Team von DKMS zu unterstützen, die hart arbeiten und kostenlose Kits verschicken, um viele Stammzell-Registrierungen zu gewinnen und damit sogar Leben retten…!

Auf eine gemeinsame Hoffnung für alle – dafür stehe ich mit diesen beiden Projekten – werdet ein Teil davon..! <3

Alles Liebe aus meinen Kunstwelten…!

Eure Tina Benally