Tina Benally is a young german artist, designer & fashion designer.

She’s born 1992 and has always been talented in many different creative ways. Therefore she won many different competitions in painting and writing, also her voice while reading was very beloved.

First she visited an artistic and musical grammar school and after that she did her high school completion in Sweden with the profession “trade & tourism”.


Later she went back to the creative part and absolved studies about graphic-design. She practiced herself in painting when she was 21, prefered acrylic painting without tutorials or teachers, for being an unique artist with own style instead.  The painting-style reminds of romantic together with some impressionism elements.  Her favourite painter is the german romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich. 

She created her own „worlds of art“ with a lot of creative beings like: graphicdesign, silkpainting, intuitive painting, own shabby chic furniture, own merchandise, photography…and many more but decided to give painting the main priority. Different vernissages were sucessfully absolved. 

26.03.2019 the shortfilm „Art is Real“ was released on the „create-your-own-holiday-day“ which she gave the same name as the video .

„Benally Art“ designer fashion label will be out 2020 with limited collections.

“Benally Art” Gallery will be Open in 2020.

She´s also studying B.A. cultural knowledge with literature & philosophy at a private academy. Together with art she got the perfect combination of aesthetic and creative being.

Artistic career:

2008: exhibition sketching in Kramfors Biblan (SWE)
2009: shop-window design for a photoshop in Kramfors with own photography’s and independent design under the topic ‘travel and holiday’ (SWE)
2010: shop window design bookshop Sollefteå (SWE)
2012-2014: studying graphic design
2015: patent on the own cartoon characters Märlin®, Hermina®, Callum®, Ringo®
2016: exhibition with Vernissage Bomlitz (GER)
2016: exhibition Hofcafé Elferdingen (GER)
2016-2019: Film Production “Art is Real“ about Tina Benally and her versatile art as Animation
2018: beginning of own fashion label “Benally Art“
2019: Portfolio Art Quench Magazine “best Contemporary Artists 2019“ – California (USA)
2019: Release own Art shortfilm “Art is Real“
2019: One of the best artists on a competition under the topic “time“ from artist window  + magazine input – Bremen (GER)
2020: exhibition International Contemporary  Art Fair Paris, art3f – Gaudi Gallery – Paris (FR)
2020: exhibition “ciudad de las luces“ – Gaudi Gallery – Madrid (ES)
2020: solo exhibition – Arte Borgo Gallery Rome (IT)
2020: exhibition – Agora Gallery – New York/Chelsea (USA)
2020: Singulart – Paris (FR)
2020: Saatchiart – California (USA)
2020: Hansford and Sons – London (UK)
2020: online exhibition – Be One Gallery – “art for world peace“ – Singapore (SGP)
2020: “Benally Art“ Gallery (GER)
2020: premiere of the Designer Fashion Label “Benally Art“
2020: Art Basel Miami (USA)
2020: Charity Auction for „Children for a better world e.V.“ (GER)
2021: TRiCERA (JPN)


  • some events 2020 may be cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic

official sponsored by: Nadir Positano, Jeanne d´ Arc Living, Callidora


Tina Benally together with her sponsored artwork for the auction for the charity „children for a better world. e.V.“

Painting, Fashionlabel "Benally Art", Graphicdesign, Photography, Home Acessoires

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