what is art?

The most important question for every creative being:

What is art?

In my opinion there is no answer. Because the most wonderful thing with art is that art means liberty. You are free to do what you want and what you like. No limitations and borders.

The reason I´m most fascinated in, is that art is like a circle, no matter if it´s painting, poetry or music.
Because it´s an inner feeling showing you the way of art.
It always has been that way if you´re taking a look into different centuries and famous people everyone know.

Creativity combines.
And everyone who can feel the imagination for living creativity is a rich and very special person.

I decided to create a quote-collection with a lots of quotes from famous people from all over the years and different creative beings with their meaning about art.

As you can see – there are a lot of similarities – art is a circle – art is real…at that time like today!

Art has been, is, and always will be real and alive!

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