Art is Real…!®

“Art is Real“® is Tina Benally´s official registered trademark.

Additional to the short film of the same name, where she´s jumping directly into her paintings and invite the viewer to be part of a travel through her artworks.
She also designed the printed version of „Art is Real“ as a limited edition which contains the composition with the artist Tina Benally into one of her handpainted paintings.
On march 26th is the official “Art is Real“ holiday-day!
She also designed an own fashion label, contains wearable art.

  • Shortfilm

The work on the video took 3 years to complete, from creation of the idea. the writing of the script, the production of all the requisites and paintings, the procurement of all outfits, to the shooting and final editing.


The clothes worn by Tina Benally were kindly sponsored by her favourite designer fashion label „Nadir Positano“ for the video shoot.
Thank you very much!

Special guest: Märlin®
Cartoon character created by Tina Benally!

  • Holiday-day

The short film was finally released on March 26th 2019.
For this date the artist Tina Benally created a new holiday-day, which will be celebrated by many creative people all over the world year after year.

  • Limited Art Prints

This “Art is Real“ collection is the print version of the short film “Art is Real“.


Every artwork of this collection is a composition with the artist Tina Benally inside one of her handpainted paintings.

She wanted to capture the feeling being a directly and real part of art

– Art is Real!

  • Benally Art Fashion

Tina Benally also designed a designer fashion label under the topic “Art is Real“®, which contains wearable art from her Benally Art artworks and designs.

Tina Benally offers you to be surrounded by art and be part of it yourself.

Make a mark.

Always and everywhere.

Different clothings, accessoires, shoes and much more are available.

From classic to modern designs – everything is possible!

Be part of it!


Art is Real!