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„Art is real!“

************************* N E W S ! *****************************


**** B E N A L L Y  A R T  D E S I G N E R   F A S H I O N  L A B E L ****
************************ !!! O U T  S O O N !!!************************

My dear art – friends,

I´m very proud and excited to present you the first pieces from my upcoming „Benally Art“ Designer Fashion Label! Having art on clothes, shoes, silskscarfes, wallets, bags and many more is absolutely the best thing you can ever have!!! Every piece will be limited to 150 pieces only – time to feel special!


********** O V E R  8.600 I N S T A G R A M  F O L L O W E R ! **********


Bildschirmfoto 2018-09-20 um 15.33.37

Thank you so very much for your lovely feedback from whole over the world every day – I´m so proud to be with you!!!
You are awesome!!!
Do we reach 10.000 inside of only 12 month…? I guess we will!
Thank you for being part of my worlds of art!


********* “ A R T   I S   R E A L “  V I D E O  U P D A T E ***********


2018-09-20 15.22.18benallyartcaed2





First Screenshots from my „Art is real“ Video – I promise you will love the way how real art can be! Upcoming soon! Stay tuned!







**************** B E H I N D  T H E  S C E N E S ****************

The rose, the prince and me!

_5D43061Rose_5D43048prince: art-
friend Adrian